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It's been described as, "A crisis," "A disaster of epic proportions," and, "A national tragedy," none of which is an overstatement. Addiction kills 11.6 million people yearly.

And, that's only substance abuse..

Food, sex, love, work addiction, gambling, pornography, video game addiction and other equally destructive behaviours never even make the list.

Contrary to the claims of AA, Governments and religious organizations, addiction rates and addiction related deaths per capita are steadly climbing.

Something is so clearly broken!

Exactly how does America manage to spend 196 Billion dollars yearly on addiction treatment or related health care, and still have a 1 trillion dollar per year problem get worse?.

What went so wrong?

(1). Huge investment in failed treatments.

(2). Racial discrimination/ drug war.

(3). Retributive drug policy enforcement.

(4). Financial inequality.

(5). Cultural prejudice against alternatives.

The 12 Step program was created over 80yrs ago, claiming to be THE treatment for addiction.

Huge investment in failed treatments

Just how well has that gone?

Of the 13,000 rehab facilities in the United States, 70-80% of them are based on the 12 step model costing over 26 Billion dollars per year.

AA also boasts 13 million dollars in direct financing, untold billions of indirect taxpayer support and direct government funded 12 step programs for almost all inmates.

Yet, for all that financial investment, the most optimistic of (credible) studies showed only a very fragile possibility of a 37% success rate among the 5% of people who complete a modified AA type program.

America sees herself and AA as rooted in Christianity.

Many have suggested her allegiance to a program less than ½ as effective as others is mostly because AA is seen as the only Christian option. 

Inouye v. Kemna. United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit; 2007.

There is a well known and long-standing link between racial inequality or racial injustice as well as both substance abuse and disproportionate police enforcement.

Racial Discrimination and the War on Drugs

Drug policy has been hijacked by morality, used to dehumanise people of color and then tear apart families through disproportionate application of law.

The high levels of systemic racism and racially motivated policing in the USA directly increases levels of addiction.

DOI: 10.1037/0022-3514.86.4.517

Drug laws have the strange effect of mostly harming and criminalizing those they are supposed to protect, rendering them unfit for employment

Retributive drug policy enforcement 

Because addiction is mostly the result of trauma and a punishment-based drug policy traumatizes people, militarized policing of drugs essentially causes addiction.

Georgetown Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper No. 12-037

Rather than from the drugs themselves, most of the harm comes from the illegality of them which causes an impure/toxic drug supply, isolates addicts from treatment and forever marks them as evil-doers.

Particularly for people of color, the USA is a place of stark financial and employment inequality.

Financial inequality

Of all of the G7 nations, America's income inequality levels are the highest and the wealth gap more than doubled between 1998 and 2016.

There is over 1:5 white:black ratio in prison, which itself is essentially slavery.

The more unequal a society is, the higher the level of drug use

World wide, there are a host of treatments that have achieved effectiveness rates between 60% and 78%

Cultural prejudice towards alternatives

AA's rates range between 0% & 37%

The Contral Clinics in Helsinki, Finland, for example, show a peer-reviewed success rate of 75-78%

But this is largely rejected in the USA due to the use of Naltrexone or Nalmefene. 

Portugal's decriminalization of drugs slashed the use of drugs by 1/3rd, cut overdoses by 80% and HIV infections by 50%

 But, America is more addicted to retribution than drugs...

In New Jersey, the USA has St. Judes with a 3X independently reviewed 62% success rate.

(Which is largely ignored due to its refusal to accept AA.)

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